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   I started taking photos in early 2012 when I got my first camera. My first experiences were family events. In early 2014 I decided to explore my passion for cars. As I started to get into the car scene and that combined with my camera started a new chapter. From there I started to attend local meets, meeting new people and taking photos in the process. My passion and skill were growing, as I was contacted by several companies for photo work which lead to traveling across the US to photograph shows and events.

   My passion to take something as simple as a photo and enhancing it to a point makes one appreciate the little things in it. Such as the wheels or the headlights, things that you would otherwise overlook. When shooting with a clients car, I try to get to know them and their car. I work with them closely, see what their most proud of about the car. I believe every car has its own appeal, by working with the owner I empathize with their appeal and I highlight that in my photos. The same goes when I work with car models, I see what they like the most in terms of posing and angles, and go from there. In doing so, the client is happy and the models are happy.

   My goal is to keep improving, non-stop, to develop my skill and continue to provide unique photos that the client and others will enjoy.



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Light Painting

Light Painting



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